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FarsightPlus™ is a leading Balanced Scorecard application for the capture, alignment, communication, management, monitoring and measurement of strategic initiatives throughout your organisation.

FarsightPlus enables organisations to seize control over all activities from the top management level right down to the individuals who are delivering, every day. Everyone is involved and has access to critical project related information, not just the project managers. This results in reports which are far more accurate and up to date. Project management happens all the time not monthly or even annually.

Unites Strategy with Action plans

With FarsightPlus, you put the key elements of strategy onto the desktops of everyone in your organisation thus creating an alignment of personal targets with the objectives of the organisation's strategic intent.

Integrated Project Management & Balanced Scorecard

FarsightPlus combines a Strategy Navigator, Project Management System and Performance Scorecard in one integrated product. In addition, the software is based on the balanced scorecard system and protocols, which enables organisations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate it into manageable and therefore measurable action steps.

Creates Collaboration & Alignment

Leaders know where they are succeeding and where their attention is needed, and individual employees can see how their contribution supports the overall business strategy. The result: understanding, alignment and improved performance.

Provides transparency through real-time reporting

The setting of individual targets, action plans, and a new level of visibility, creates a platform for meaningful communication between managers and staff which results in ongoing and transparent collaborative action and sustained performance improvement.

Enables a 360 x 365 degree Evaluation

The Performance Scorecard provides a framework for individuals, groups or divisions to create performance scorecards enabling the setting of targets, and the reporting of results, including 360 x 365 degree assessment. Individual scorecards track performance against personal targets while group or divisional scorecards via individual role-up scores track progress against strategic business performance metrics.

Delivers using Internet Technologies

The system allows all staff members to view projects and work-in-progress without any software or licensing requirements on individual desktops. It allows one to add and assign tasks, check time lines, set deadlines and measurables. The reporting tool is versatile, quick and easy to use, with reports being available in text or graphic form as required.