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FarsightPlus is a web-based strategy and performance management software solution which allows for the capturing of strategic and tactical objectives in a user-friendly, real time environment.

FarsightPlus™ integrates the practical functionality needed to communicate strategy, manage projects and measure performance.

The software is based on the balanced scorecard system and protocols, which enables organisations to clarify their vision and strategy and translate it into manageable and therefore measurable action steps. It provides feedback around both the internal business processes and external outcomes in order to continuously improve strategic performance and results.

One integrated product

By combining a Strategy Navigator, Project Management System and Performance Scorecard in one integrated product, FarsightPlus places the key elements of company strategy onto the desktops of everyone in the organisation thus creating an alignment of personal targets with the objectives of the organisation's strategic intent.

Strategy Navigator
  • Enables the mapping of the top level business strategy
  • Vision, Mission, the associated Strategic Thrusts or Themes
  • Enables the linkage to the key organisational change projects that must be executed for the strategy to be delivered.
Project Management System
  • Provides all the functionality, Gantt charts, task management, time and cost reporting etc., required to manage projects throughout the enterprise – especially projects initiated to deliver the strategy
Performance Scorecard

The Performance Scorecard provides a framework for individuals, groups or divisions to create:
  • Performance scorecards enabling the setting of targets
  • Automates the reporting of results, including 360 x 365 degree assessment
  • Individual scorecards track performance against personal targets
  • Group or divisional scorecards track progress against strategic business performance metrics

Achieve your business goals

Turn your strategy into measurable actions at an operational level and see the results.

Use FarsightPlus™ to:

Capture and Manage your:
  • Organisational Strategy
  • Departmental Strategic Objectives
  • Employee Objectives against key organisation objectives
  • Metrics against each individual’s objectives
Draw detailed Reports on:
  • Employee performance
  • Project performance
  • Departmental and ultimately overall organisation performance
Create timesheets for your projects, based on your hours logged or their disbursements. Store and retrieve all types of documents relating to clients, projects, tasks, requests or to-do’s. Create a project plan collaboratively with the whole team – then easily communicate this to them. Create accurate time & cost quotes.