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What can it do for me?

FarsightPlus™ involves everyone, not just project managers. This results in reporting which is far more accurate and up to date. Project management happens all the time not monthly or even annually.

Manage Projects

  • Create Project
  • Assign ownership
  • Start / End Dates
  • Attach Documentation
  • Create Project Milestones

Manage Tasks

  • Create a new Task
  • Assign task ownership
  • Set Start & End Dates
  • Attach Task Documentation
  • Create task dependencies – even cross-project dependencies!

Time-keeping & Task Progress

  • Log time spent
  • Log disbursements
  • Task progress updating
Project management happens all the time, not monthly or annually

Do Project Reporting

  • Total hours per Project
  • Total hours per Task
  • Total hours per Employee
  • Estimated hours VS Actual hours

Create Balanced Scorecard

  • Organisation structure
  • Scorecard for Organisation Unit or people
  • Tiered scorecard design
  • Allocate targets and scorers

Do Performance reporting:

  • Select required scorecard
  • View scorecard details
  • Expand metric details
  • Colour –coded indicator shows resulting perspective score